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How to book your 2020 Spring Season Subscription:

  • Step 1.) Select your preferred performance from the drop down menu above:

    • Preview Series: “WED-PRE”, “THU-PRE”
    • Opening Night Gala Series: “OPEN”
    • Value Series: “1-SAT-M”, “1-SAT-E”, “1-SUN”, “2-WED”, “2-THU”, “3-WED”, “3-THU”
    • Standard Series: “2-FRI”, “2-SAT”, “2-SUN”, “3-FRI”, “3-SAT”, “3-SUN”

  • Step 2.) Select your preferred Seating Section from the 1st drop down menu to the right.

  • Step 3.) In the next drop-down menu, select the Price Code category that matches your selected seating section.*

  • Step 4.) Select the number of seats desired.

*if step 2 and step 3 do not match, you may encounter an error that results in no seats being found or added to your cart. Verify your Section and Price Codes match before continuing.