Arkansas Repertory Theatre
601 Main Street
PO Box 110
Little Rock AR 72203


2020 Season Subscription

How to book your 2020 Spring Season Subscription:

  • Step 1.) Select your preferred performance from the drop down menu above:

    • Preview Series: “WED-PRE”, “THU-PRE”
    • Opening Night Gala Series: “OPEN”
    • Value Series: “1-SAT-M”, “1-SAT-E”, “1-SUN”, “2-WED”, “2-THU”, “3-WED”, “3-THU”
    • Standard Series: “2-FRI”, “2-SAT”, “2-SUN”, “3-FRI”, “3-SAT”, “3-SUN”

  • Step 2.) Select your preferred Seating Section from the 1st drop down menu to the right.

  • Step 3.) In the next drop-down menu, select the Price Code category that matches your selected seating section.*

  • Step 4.) Select the number of seats desired.

*if step 2 and step 3 do not match, you may encounter an error that results in no seats being found or added to your cart. Verify your Section and Price Codes match before continuing.

Select the section you wish to sit in.

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